Do your offer maintenance after the website is completed?

Yes absolutely. We offer many different Website Maintenance packages depending on the scope of your website and what you need done on a monthly basis. Contact us today to discuss your monthly maintenance package options.

Do all projects need to have a qoute?

Yes all project need to have a SOW (Statement of Work)/ Estimate to ensure that you as the customer are 100% certain on what you are receiving for your time and so that we have a task list to ensure that you get what you asked for.

Is a Deposit required?

For first time clients we always require a 50% deposit on all projects no matter the size. Once we have worked with you for over 3 months and we continue to work with you on a regular basis we can offer net 15 & Net 30 payment terms on approved accounts. If you wish to wish to skip the 3 month wait period; you can request to have your application processed sooner by sending a request to accounts@calibermedia.ca

Do you offer payment plans/terms for your packages?

Yes Absolutely. Depending on the project scope we can discuss a payment plan that is within your budget and work together to create a 3,6,12 month payment plan that would work for your needs.

Do you offer printing services?

we are not a printing company. We work with some great printing companies that can offer you great pricing and even better quality. We work with you to set up your print files to ensure that your needs and branding requirements are meet to 100% satisfaction…. and then we will work with a printing company of your choice or one of our supplier to get your final product complete on time and with the quality that you are expecting.

Do i need professional photos for my website?

Always.  First impressions are everything to new & existing clients. A professional photo will not only be eye catching, captivating, but will also send a message of you are professional company that is going to provide the best in a brand or service that they are interested in.

What payment methods are accepted?

We offer the standard payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Bank Transfers
  • Email Money Transfer
  • Cash

We do not accept Paypal, cheques or Bitcoin Payments at this time.

How much is a website?

Website costs can vary from project to project all depending on your company’s exact needs. We offer free estimates for any project, and then we can discuss different packages, options and payment plans that will fit within your budget.